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Explore our four ESG-related challenges below. Learn what we are expecting from you in terms of your pitch. Find some hints below on what the judges will be looking for in your proposal.

Decide which challenge you want to solve

  • TECH

  • BIO



Your pitch

What’s the format?

Your pitch needs to be submitted as a PowerPoint or PDF. You can accompany this with supporting files in any format such as Excel, Word, etc.

What are the must-have components of a winning pitch?

    • What’s the idea, product or company? What’s the tagline? Are there any basic stats you can include?

    • Which challenge is your idea solving? What’s the overarching solution?

    • Tell us how the product, technology or solution will work. Have you created any designs or prototypes?

    • Have you got any market or customer validation? Any feedback?

    • How have you measured the potential success of your solution? What broader environmental, social or corporate governance aspect is being addressed?

    • What are your expected customer adoption rates? What are your financial estimates?

    • Have you started your financial, marketing and creative planning? What’s your planned five-year profit and loss?

    • What finances do you currently have? What are your future fundraising needs over the next two or three years? What kind of investors are you after – strategic, creative or financial?

    • Tell us about the team and include some bios. Do you have a team growth plan for the next couple of years?

People working

What are the judges looking for?

  1. Impactful ideas with a product, solution or technology that solves one of our four sustainability-themed challenges.
  2. A high-quality presentation that delivers venture attractiveness.
  3. Established team leadership skills.


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Team registration May 1 June 30
Pitch Submission May 1 June 30
Local round July 1 Sept 15
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