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      • Teams of two to four people from one of our 26 participating countries.
      • Participants aged 18 or over.
      • Current university students studying for a bachelor’s degree or those who have graduated within the last five years.
      • Participants without any professional experience (More details on this in the next question).
    • A person with professional experience works at a corporation on a permanent position. The following experiences don’t count as professional experiences: working a start-ups, doing or having done internships, voluntary work, having done work unrelated to the field of work you’re currently pursuing. Read more about eligibility criteria in the Terms and Conditions.

    • Yes. Battle of Minds 2021 is a team-based competition with teams of 2-4 members. You can participate with any existing team that you may have, or form a new team to compete. Only one person from each team needs to register by filling their own details as well as basic details of their teammates including their email addresses. The team members will then receive an email which will instruct them to verify the details that have been given and confirm their participation in the competition.

    • Yes, teams can be made up of people from all disciplines. Whether you’re a science, business studies or arts student – everyone is welcome to join.

    • Yes, you can team up with students from universities other than your own.

    • No, the team must be composed of members based on the same country.

    • The deadline to register your team is June 13. After that you will have until June 27 to submit your pitch.

    • After you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive emails once your team mate(s) confirm their participation.

    • Only one person from each team has to register, that includes filling in the basic info of the team members. The team members will then receive an email to confirm their participation.

    • No. You will only be asked to input details of you and your team members. If your registration advances, you might be asked to provide proof.

    • No, once you’ve registered your team members, your team is final. However, for special circumstances, you can contact the person associated with your country (Find details on the last question)

    • On the local round, you can submit your pitch in your local language. However, if your pitch advances to the regional or global level, you will need to use English as you will be competing with teams from multiple countries.

    • Find the judgment criteria here.

    • The global round will be conducted virtually. However, the local round(s) will be conducted depending on the circumstances and modality followed by the local organising team.

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