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Only one person needs to register for the whole team by filling in all the details. The team will be eligible to join only if all team members are current university students studying for a bachelor’s degree or have graduated in the past five years. Read more about the eligibility criteria here.

Decide which challenge you want to solve.


Culture challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many office-based roles have had to be performed from home. Working from home has had many unintended consequences – reduced emissions from commuting and printing but increased emissions from heating homes. And it has arguably been detrimental to workplace culture. Can you create a product that promotes workplace culture in a working-from-home setting, and builds on employees’ commitment to reducing their environmental impact?

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Farming challenge

As the population is set to increase to 10 billion by 2050, we must increase agricultural yields and enhance farmer livelihoods, whilst balancing the threats posed by over-farming. How might we increase food security, whilst ensuring environmental benefits are achieved?

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Waste challenge

Despite the availability of recyclable packaging and materials, many consumers are not recycling their waste, meaning it ends up in mainstream waste flows, destined for landfill or incineration. How could we encourage consumers to dispose of their waste appropriately?

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Energy challenge

Many people in developing countries lack access to energy sources that are both sustainable and affordable. How could we leverage sustainable energy sources to generate positive social impacts?

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Your pitch

What’s the format?

Your pitch needs to be submitted as a PowerPoint. You can accompany this with supporting files in any format such as PDF, Word document, etc.

What should I include?


What’s the idea, product or company? What’s the tagline? Are there any basic stats you can include?

Your idea

Which challenge is your idea solving? What’s the overarching solution?

The details

Tell us how the product, technology or solution will work. Have you created any designs or prototypes?

The market

Have you got any market or customer validation? Any feedback?


How have you measured the potential success of your solution? What broader environmental, social or corporate governance aspect is being addressed?


What are your expected customer adoption rates? What are your financial estimates?

Business plan

Have you started your financial, marketing and creative planning? What’s your planned five-year profit and loss?


What finances do you currently have? What are your future fundraising needs over the next two or three years? What kind of investors are you after – strategic, creative or financial?

Your team

Tell us about the team and include some bios. Do you have a team growth plan for the next couple of years?

What are the judges looking for?

Impactful ideas with a product, solution or technology that solves one of our four social and environmental challenges

A high-quality pitch that demonstrates the attractiveness of your venture

Established team leadership skills


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